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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday in ages! It’s good to be doing one again. My list today comes rather late in the season but here it is, nontheless. I’ve seen many bloggers do this list and thought I’d join in the fun!

Ten Things I Want To Do This Summer a.k.a my Summer Bucket List.

1. Go to the beach. Twice.

We always end up going to the beach here once each summer and there’s no reason for that! We live an hour away from a couple of great beaches so there’s no reason not to go more than once. We plan on going next week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary *hearts* and the week school starts. We figure that if it’s nice the beach will still most likely be open but everyone will be back to school. Full Figure lingerie

2. Go Blue Berry picking.

That’s in the works. We had a lot of fun last year.

3. Go to the zoo.

Done!! We went for 4th of July. Still need to post pictures of that.

4. Go fishing with the girls.

Done once. We need to go a few more times.

5. Get out in my inlaws’ boat.

We haven’t done that yet. We had an absolute blast getting out in it last year. We enjoyed watching the girls enjoy it more that we enjoyed it ourselves. (Did that make sense??)

6. Enjoy some local attractions.

Done! We went to a folk festival in the area this weekend and while there, toured a little museum and rode a free trolley. We’ve been meaning to do that for YEARS.

7. Take the canal boat tours offered in our area.

That’s also in the works. My girls will love it.

8. Do some more sightseeing in the Boston area.

We do live in a history rich state, after all. We need to get ourselves out there and see some more history!

9. Summer Reading programs at the library.

Check! We’re in the process of enjoying the fun stuff our library offers durng the summer.

10. Enjoy some lazy days.

Yep, we’ve definitely done that!

Is anyone else so not ready for all the “back to school” ads and talk already? I’m sure not!!

What things did you/do you have planned for this summer?

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10 Memorable Moments Of 2010

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

As I was trying to think of a Top Ten Tuesday post for this week I thought what better way to “close out” 2010 than to write a post of  top ten memorable moments for me this past year. When I say “memorable moments”, it doesn’t mean that they’re all happy moments. Many of them are. But not all of them. These happy and sad moments touched my life and emotions this past year and I will never forget them. satin lingerie

1. Not selling our house— Last January  were spent looking at houses and getting ready to sell ours. It seemed liked everything was in place and we had found several bigger houses in better locations for us. When it came time to put the house on the market our Realtor told us that after doing a market analysis for our area we’d have to sell our house for waaay less than what we planned because of how the houses in our area were selling. So, super disappointed, we made the decision to wait. And now it’s a year later and we’re still in the same house. I learned a lot about contentment last year.

2. Financial Peace University/ Becoming Debt Free— In March we took a Financial Peace University class at our church and by the end of June were DEBT FREE. It was a HUGE achievement in our marriage. We learned so much about how to manage our finances and to really control our spending. We spent 9 years struggling with debt and having no control over our finances, despite the good salary my husband receives. We learned better communication over our finances and actually work together now. This is the first time we’ve come into the new year with NO DEBT and it is an awesome feeling. We paid cash for Christmas and have no more credit cards. Did I mention how HUGE this is for us?


3. Pregnancy/Miscarriage- In April of last year we found out that at after almost 2 years of trying to conceive we were finally pregnant! We were elated. I even posted this picture of the girls on Facebook and on my blog to help announce the glorious news. (I’m not one to wait….)

Six days later I miscarried. Although I hadn’t been pregnant for that long I was devastated and angry. The night I started spotting I went to one of our Financial Peace classes. I was developing a migraine and worried but didn’t want to miss a class. One of the couples in our class had  had their fourth baby a few days before I miscarried and they brought him to class that night to show everyone. I thought ” How ironic! They’re bringing in a new life and I’m losing one.”

4. Pregnancy Round Two- After much struggling and anger at God for not letting us sell our house, allowing me to get pregnant in the first place and then allowing me to lose it, I started calming down as Spring wore on. Summer came and we were all in a good place. I was settling in emotionally and in a happy place. Then, in July, to our great joy, I found out I was pregnant AGAIN!!  We had been hoping and praying it would happen again but weren’t sure how long it would take to happen this time. It could have taken another two years! But, praise the LORD, it didn’t!

We were so thrilled and thankful. And I’ll be 28 weeks this week with baby girl number 3! She’s due in March!

Oh, and a month later my sister found out she was pregnant with her second. A girl, due in April! We’re a month apart!

5. Going On Nana and Papa’s boat for the first time: We took the girls on my inlaws’ little boat for the first time this past Summer. It was so fun! I had been on it before, but they never had. It was quite the memorable and fun day. Granted, it was an overcast, cold, rainy day when we went. We didn’t let that stop us from having fun!

6. Anniversary trip to Salem,MA- I’ve always had a huge fascination with learning more about the Salem Witch Trials. So off we went this past August to spend the day in Salem, MA to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the Salem Witch trials that day and had a great, romantic little getaway with my husband. Unfortunately, my camera battery died at the very beginning so I have no pictures from that day! Silk Lingerie

7. Homeschooling- Last year was the year we decided to try our hand at homeschooling! We purchased the Kindergarten curriculum from Christian Liberty Academy and started homeschooling our daughter the second week in September. I have absolutely loved homeschooling thus far.It has been a challenging, frustrating at times and rewarding experience so far.

These were taken the very first day we started homeschooling….

I also do preschool work with my 3 year old daughter every day. She partakes in the art, Bible, science and field trip activities we do.

My husband finished our homeschool room in the basement not long after these pictures were taken. Now we do school every day in our little school room. We  love it!

8. Singing In Our Church Choir- This past September I started singing in our church choir. I hadn’t sung in a choir in ages and I had scheduling conflicts the previous year so I was unable to join. I have so enjoyed it! We’ve caroled, done  a Dessert Theater and sung almost every Sunday. I’ve had many opportunities to sing solos, duets and trios and it’s been so fun! We have a very talented bunch of people in our choir.

9. My Family’s Visit For Thanksgiving— I was so blessed to have my whole family visit for Thanksgiving week! My sister, husband, niece, brother and parents all flew up from Texas and stayed in my house for the whole week. It was a tight fit but an awesome time together! My brother in law had never been to New England so this was a new experience for him. My sister and I got to “be pregnant together” while she was here. We spent a day at  Boston Museum Of Science and had a blast. That is a memory that will live in my mind forever.

The girls are with their Geempaw in this space shuttle replica.

My parents with their three current granddaughters. Two more coming in the Spring!

10. The Passing Of My Uncle Mike— On Christmas day we received the sad news that my uncle Mike had died after a long battle with Lymphoma. He was a great, godly, man and will be greatly missed. We were all blessed by who he was. His family has also been a great testimony in  their peace and attitudes. They are sad but also filled with hope since they know where Mike is and that they will all see him again some day.  He’s in Heaven, cancer-free with Jesus!  I will certainly never forget getting the phone call about his passing.

There are so many other moments I’d love to mention but since I’m pressed to keep the list at ten these are the ones I chose.

Do you have moments that defined 2010 for you?

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Favorite “Fun” Pictures From Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I had the week “off” so to speak. I barely got on the computer. My whole family came from Texas and we had so much fun together. I only get to see them once a year (if that!).

For my Top Ten I’d like to share some of my favorite fun/funny/silly pictures from my family’s visit.. I took several sweet, family shots that would  take several blog posts to show you. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ve already gotten to see them! But for the sake of keeping things simple, I’ll show you my favorite fun pictures from last week.

1. This picture was taken at the Boston Museum Of Science. We went on Tuesday of last week and had so much fun together. We ended up buying a yearly membership there. I figure I’ll use it for ” field trips” in  during homeschooling years.

2. I thought this was pretty clever self portrait taking.

3. This picture is of me, my sister and my girls. My sister commented that it’s like seeing her and me as children and her and me as adults!  ( Her and I??) Everyone always comments that my two girls remind them of me and my sister as children. And, as an interesting side note, my sister and I are a month apart in our pregnancies. This is the only time we’ve been pregnant together.

4. The guys! My husband, brother and brother in law. They spent a lot of down time doing this….

5. We went to a Festival Of Trees in our area on everyone’s last day here. Madelyn was so done taking pictures!

6. My dad and the Grinch. Each of the trees was beautifully decorated with a different theme. The Grinch one was cute.

7. My parents and their three granddaughters. The littlest one belongs to my sister. Katelyn was done taking pictures by this time.

8. My husband and the Grinch. They were having a bonding moment.

9. My brother and his new girlfriend “Bertha”. She was cooking up some yummy treats apparently. Then he decided to dump her because she was thinking of “leafing” him. Har har!

10. Stayin’ alive by this funky Christmas tree. Love this picture of my girls!

Aaand a bonus #11 picture of my girls and their cousin Brooklyn. I just thought this one was so cute.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week like I did!

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Our Life In Pictures

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Well, hello…..again.  Things are starting to settle down a bit here and return to normal. Somewhat. I actually  got up early to write this very post. Now that I’m heading into my second trimester (yay) that hopefully won’t require such herculean effort anymore.

So in lieu of a boring, long update on exactly what we’ve doing here lately (other than sleeping and trying to keep a handle of my messy house) I give you (cue introductory music)……

Our Life (as of late) In Pictures.

Our homeschool room is finished and I’m putting a few more finishing touches on it before I post the pictures. We are super proud of it and my husband did an AWESOME renovating it.

Our first official week of homeschooling is behind us.

It was fun, challenging and not without  a few tears.(Katelyn’s, not mine.) Katelyn has stated a couple of times that she “wants to go back to her old school/ REAL school!!!”. I’ll admit that it does bother me when she says that but we’re pressing on. She is struggling with handwriting and not liking when I make her write things over again when she does sloppy work or work with a bad attitude. I knew we would bump heads somewhat. She enjoys every other subject except for handwriting. So, I’m trying a few different approaches.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t think of praying over our homeschooling time until well into the middle of the week. That probably would have been a good idea!! So, now I start out our homeschooling time with prayer. It really helps!

We’ve been enjoying the last dregs of nice weather before the cold of fall and then winter (yikes!) really set in!

We went fishing again a couple of weeks ago….

and caught TEN fish! Not bad for first timers, huh?

Katelyn started soccer last week. This is definitely a new experience for all of us. She is having to adjust to following the rules and understanding that it’s not all about her! There are several kids on her team who are faster and more adept and handling the ball and that is frustrating her a bit. Soccer isn’t what she thought it would be. (Her scoring goals all the time. Her getting the ball a lot….you get the idea.) She is dying to score a goal and prays every day that she will score one at her next game. We’re trying to teach her that making a goal isn’t everything. This is also teaching her patience and perseverance. All things she is NOT good at. It breaks my heart to see her get upset when she finally does get a chance to get the ball and it’s quickly taken from her. But, that’s how life is and that’s how the game of soccer is played. Good lessons for all of us!

Here’s my soccer player-

The girls started dance this past Saturday. It was a first for Madelyn! I wasn’t sure how she was going to do. Especially since she doesn’t like being in groups and usually takes a while to adjust to new situations. She did fabulous and loved it!

My dancers-

After dancing we went apple picking. It was a perfect day for it.Of course, I took so many pictures of dance class my battery started dying so I didn’t hardly get any of apple picking.

We’ve started attending church on Wednesday nights again. I’m teaching Mission Friends for three years to Kindergarten children at church. It’s like a Bible club but it’s focus is on teaching children about missionaries and how we can all tell others about Jesus. Katelyn is doing the children’s choir on Wednesday night which will run until the end of November. Then she’ll be in my class. After Mission Friends and children’s choir is over Mike picks up the girls and I head to choir practice myself!

So, we’ve been pretty active and busy. But it’s been a good kind of busy.

Happy Fall, friends. I can’t believe it’s here already!

Thanks for stopping by my little ‘ol blog again. I really appreciate you all taking the time and interest in reading what I have to write. Without you guys it would just be me and the computer!

It Was A Perfect Beach Day

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Alternately titled: It Was A Perfect Birthday Weekend.

I couldn’t enter Fall without posting our beach pictures from last week. It was also the day before my birthday so we killed birds all around with one stone. We went to the beach, then my inlaws kept the girls while we ate at the Outback and then watched “Vampires Suck”. The movie was…..eh. All in all in was the perfect day for the beach and a wonderful birthday/Labor Day weekend.

The beach we went to is about 40 minutes from us and wonderful since it’s clean, small and is never packed out when we go. That is one of (grumble) the perks of living in New England. There’s a beach not far from us in every direction for the most part.

Not only was the weather perfect, but I’d say this was the most relaxing trip to the beach we’ve ever had. We took less stuff and were actually fine! The girls were a lot more content and easier to deal with this time too. We didn’t have to entertain them because they were busy entertaining themselves! Madelyn wasn’t afraid of the water this year so we could all go in together.

The water was cool but not freezing. In the shallow end it was actually warm!

There were actually little fish swimming around our feet. The girls were a little freaked by this since they don’t actually want to be up close and personal with any sea life. Mike caught, with his net, a crab (not hermit!) in one of the many tide pools  and when he put in on the ground the girls started SCREAMING. Katelyn ran behind and me screamed ” Put it back before it crawls on me!!!”. The poor crab was moving slower than a snail and Katelyn was ten feet away from yet she was still afraid the thing was going to get her. Kids!!! We also caught a tiny little starfish that was stuck to some seaweed. Of course, I failed to get a picture of it!

We parked ourselves next to one of the tide pools and the girls enjoyed playing in it and building next to it. Madelyn especially loved the tide pool. Katelyn preferred being in the ocean but the little tide pool was more Madelyn’s cup of tea.

Katelyn worked very hard on her sand castle. I was impressed with her focus! She built the foundation and then Mike helped her build it up.

I thought it came out pretty neat!

“Look at me, mama!”

After we were done packing up and changing clothes in the HOT public bathrooms (my least favorite part) my inlaws took us out for a late lunch at a local seafood place and then ice cream. Mike and I were so tired when we got home we had to take a nap before we left for my birthday evening! We were tired but happy folks!

A Labor Day Update

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Well, hello there. It’s been awhile. Yes, it’s me…Mel! I’ve come out from under piles of laundry and first trimester haze to wish you a happy (un)Labor Day! I wanted to give you a little update about what’s been going on around here.

Yesterday we had a big church cook out with lots of friends from everywhere. It was a lot of fun! We had close to 50 people come throughout the afternoon and there was pretty competitive volley ball playing going on.

I’m pretty tuckered out today but it was worth it!

I had my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound in the past week or so. Everything looks good!

Here the first picture of my “Sweetie”.

The quality of the picture is not so good but if you were to look at the original photo you’d be able to see the baby’s little head and two teeny arms and legs. We got to see a nice strong heart beat. Everything is exactly as it should be. I’ll be 11 weeks along on Wednesday! Almost past my first trimester! Can I get a what what??

I’ve been having some neck pain that is causing me some pretty bad headaches so I’m hoping a good adjustment and possibly a deep tissue massage will take care of it. I’ve been sleeping in in the mornings(well, until the girls get up anyway) so I haven’t been blogging. I have a hard time blogging after everyone is up. I’m hoping to get back to a semi-normal routine within the next couple of weeks and ramp up my blogging again.

Speaking of routines, ours will be changing soon! Now that we’ll be homeschooling our daily schedule will be changing a bit.

Katelyn’s Kindergarten books have come in and I am SO.EXCITED. I don’t know what public schools teach Kindergarteners but this curriculum seems a bit hard! I am inpressed with everything she will be learning, however, and I’m chomping at the bit to get started.I love how each subject is infused with the God’s word and there are  new Bible verses to be learned with practically every subject. In case you’re wondering we’re doing the CLASS system. (Christian Liberty Academy School System.) I’m not at the point where I feel comfortable picking and choosing curriculum from various places. They have a standard Kindergarten curriculum and an advanced Kindergarten curriculum and I trust their judgment on what books should be in each kit! And, as it so happens, we did the CLASS system growing up and it worked great for us!

Here’s a picture of the books and subjects she’ll be doing. I’ll write a more extensive post about what she’s learning, the activities we’ll be doing and the homeschooling schedule we’ll be following once I have it nailed down.

Mike has been busy the past several days creating a nice homeschool room for us in our basement. It’s been the laundry room/guest room/playroom so far. Now the play room/guest room area is turning into the homeschool area too.

This is what the room looked like right before Mike started construction. This is also in the midst of moving things around and organizing toys etc. You can see our walls down there are made of field stone which makes putting anything on the walls impossible. Mike is putting drywall in front of the field stone to make me some nice walls down there. I’m so excited! I’ve wanted “real” walls down there forever!

A different angle….

The walls….ugh.

The progress being made! My poor hubby suffered a two by four blow to the head the other night but thankfully he’s ok!

Last Friday was my birthday (ahem) and we celebrated by going to the beach on Thursday. (Another post in and of itself too!) But here’s a sneak peak at the fun we had…

Katelyn made an impressive (if I do say so myself) sand castle by herself. She worked long and hard at it (which is not always common for her) and did a great job. Future engineer??

So that’s what’s been going on around here! Thanks for reading!

Happy Labor Day!

Fishing And A Pregnancy Update

Monday, August 9th, 2010

We went fishing for the first time this weekend. My poor husband has wanted to do this all summer long and we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So,Saturday while I was at a baby shower, he grabbed the girls and took them fishing. I met up with them after the baby shower. I had originally planned on going home and taking a nice nap (yep, I’m so there right now!!)  but then I felt guilty and thought I really should meet up with them and see the girls fishing. Well, I’m glad I did! It was fun and I got some cute pictures. The  girls were really more interested in the snacks Mike brought them and throwing rocks in the lake. What can I say? They take after me in that department.

The only thing “we” caught was a snapping turtle.

She makes a cute fisherwoman, right?

My other cute fisherwoman.

I adore them and this picture.

Madelyn with one of her many rock treasures.


A rare sight. Me in front of a camera instead of behind it! Since I had come straight from the baby shower I was not wearing the most appropriate fishing attire. Those black pants were darn hot!

Now the pregnancy update part:

Yep, still pregnant! It feels weird and exhilarating to write that. And as I do I feel like I’m jinxing it. But, ahem, I don’t really believe it that. I’ll be 7 weeks along this week and I thank God for every day that passes that I continue to stay pregnant. I’ve kind of been walking around holding my breath right now.  It’s amazing how oblivious I was to miscarriage with Katelyn and Madelyn. I went along knowing they were common and happened to other women but never thinking it would actually happen to me. Now I’m so aware of that! I don’t want to be a nervous wreck until the first trimester is over but I’m definitely nervous. I really have to keep myself in check. And I know that God has his hand in everything that happens to us. And the reality is(not to be morbid!) anything can happen to this pregnancy, this baby or any of my children at any time. I can’t live my life in fear of this.

{Wow, this update went off the deep end! } So all morbidity aside, I’ve been feeling pretty good. Only a little nausea every now and then. Tiredness is starting to set in. But other than that I can’t complain! I have my first prenatal appointment on the 25th of this month. I really looking forward to that. I really, really , really want to exercise during this pregnancy. I’m also going to try to go to the Chiropractor once or twice a month and see if that keeps the migraines at bay.

If you’ve read this far I thank you.


Apple Picking Pictures

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

We went apple picking this past Monday because Mike had the day off. We didn’t end up at our favorite apple picking farm because it’s closed on Mondays. Something we only found out once we had gotten there.We were  not going home without finding some place to apple pick!!Talk about disappointment. Katelyn would have been a mess if we hadn’t done something all together that day. So we ended up at a not- as- nice place in Harvard,MA.  This was Madelyn’s first time to actually pick the apples and not just sit in her stroller and watch. Mike didn’t think it was so great while he was giving her a boost and she kept dropping the apples she picked on his head. We all got a good laugh watching that.

Westwood Farms had a cute, little country store. We went inside and got some treats and then sat on the huge covered porch and ate them and enjoyed the beautiful day.

FYI-I’m trying something new. I’ve uploaded the photos from this day onto Flickr. Instead of posting a ton of pictures on this post I’m going to post the link to this Flickr album and only post a few here. You can check out this album for the rest of the pictures. And there’s room for comments on each one! I’m sure my mom will be happy about that.

You will experience true Mike humor with this picture. I was in one of those potties. I won’t tell you which one. He thought it would be fun to take a snapshot of it.

Haha, Mike.

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