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Did you know that the abbreviations A.M and P.M come from the Latin words ante meridiem (before midday) and post meridiem (after midday)?


That a “?! “is called an  interrobang?

Well, I didn’t either until I was sent these nifty books I’m about to tell you about.

Reader’s Digest sent me their books  Write (Or Is That “Right”?) Every Time and My Grammar and I…Or Should That Be Me? to review.

These cute, little books are full of great information for anyone trying to be a better writer. The books are small and the chapters are separated into easy categories and manageable groupings for quick look-up. These books aren’t anything like your grade school grammar text books. Leather Lingerie.

They both have funny doodle- like pictures, are easy to understand and separated into easy-to-find sections. If you have a question you can easily pick up this book and find the answer to your quandary. The books also contain entertaining tidbits about this and that pertaining to grammar and writing. This books are perfect for bloggers, homeschoolers and teachers. Goodness knows I can certainly use all the help I can get with my writing!

The last chapter of ” My Grammar And I…Or Should That Be Me?” contains a section called “Pleonasm, Prolixity,and Tautology”. And the chapter is fun! You won’t find any other book that can make a chapter with that title actually interesting AND helpful. And now I know what those words mean. And you can too!

Reader’s Digest is giving away one of these books  to two of my lucky readers! (United States residents only)

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment stating what your biggest spelling/ grammar pet peeve/difficulty is and which book you’d like to win.

For extra entries you may Tweet about it, Facebook about it, “like” Simply Mel on Facebook or blog about it. (Just link back to this giveaway in your post). One entry per action.  That’s FIVE chances to win! Just leave me a comment each time you do one of these things telling me what you did.

Clear as mud?

I’ll leave you with one of my newest spelling pet peeves and something I struggle with.

I’ve noticed on Facebook that a lot of people get the spelling of woman (singular) and women(plural) mixed up. I have to force myself to NOT correct them every time I see it! Lingerie Costumes.

I never know when to use “;” in a sentence and I never spell carrots, apparently, exercise, and embarrassed correctly the first time I write it.

Ok, there you have it. Share your spelling/grammar pet peeves  or issues you struggle with for a chance to win these great little books.

This giveaway will last until Friday, September 2, in the afternoon. I’ll announce the winner at some point then!

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